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Indo Simon deals in a wide range of these products including high quality wiring accessories, building automation and intelligent switching products ...
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INDO SIMON a joint venture
Indo Simon, an established name in the field of world class switching products has entered into the Indian market. We believe that the Indian consumers are now open to the inventions of the latest global technologies. Nowadays people are more concerned about their safety and want to explore the very best in aesthetics and usage. The buyers in the country are looking for a name, which they can trust.

Indo Simon believes that the quality of life can be improved with the effective usage of smart technology. We can help people achieve a simpler and better-looking life.

The company realizes that every customer has a specific need and individual taste. Hence, Indo Simon provides tailor made solutions to satisfy the customers' need. Our understanding of the Indian markets comes from years of experience.We can put this understanding into every product we manufacture.

We believe we can bring all of this and more. We believe its time to Switch!
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